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Welcome to my page. I’ve  been writing Westerns for quite a few years and have not lost my love and passion for it. I’m glad you stopped  by for a visit. I hope you will linger a while. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll see some of my writing that will interest you. Click on the tab above for a list of my books. And for an excerpt from two of them, click on the cover below. — John Legg 


Just out from Wolfpack Publishing

BLOODTRAILWEBAfter his young brother turns outlaw, farm boy Percival Travis VanHorn leaves his new wife, with her reluctant consent, and heads to the wild, lawless Indian Territory to bring Reese back to face justice – and for the reward. But he has absolutely no idea how to find his brother nor what to do should he find him. He soon realizes he was a fool, but he cannot go home. Not yet.

With his inexperience, he is beset by Indians, cheated and abused by traders, and often nearly starving. Finally, worn and broken, he finds refuge of a sort in the outlaw haven with the unlikely name of Glory. There he finds work in a fetid saloon.

One day he stops an outlaw named Kirby from beating one of the whores who work there. A few days later, Kirby degrades and humiliates VanHorn. Kirby takes VanHorn outside of town and leaves him, naked, with nothing by a pistol with one round, to die.

Sitting there in despair, he is found by bounty hunter Nate Luckey. Feeling a touch of hope, VanHorn tells Luckey he wants vengeance. Luckey tells VanHorn that he will have to learn to use a pistol.

So the bounty hunter teaches VanHorn the ways of the gun and of tracking men. Then VanHorn sets out on a quest for vengeance.

And when he returns home, things are different – much different.

E-book available at: Amazon

Recently from Western Trail Blazer

Lije Paterson, a longtime mountain man, finds a young man wandering the mountains after Indians killed the trappers who hired him as camp helper. Paterson takes on Dougal McKagan for the same position and begins teaching him the ways of the mountains and of trapping.

Over the next couple of years, McKagan takes to enjoying the killing of Indians and taking scalps, much to Paterson’s disgust. Paterson finally sends him packing, but the action soon comes back to haunt him, bringing nothing but trouble and death.

Several years later, Paterson, down on his luck, learns that McKagan is leading a group of men killing Indians to sell their scalps. With help from an unexpected quarter, will Paterson be able to stop McKagan’s bloodthirsty rampage?

To read an excerpt from Blood of the Scalphunter, click on the cover.

E-book available at: Amazon



Open a door to the past

(Left) From an adobe citadel on the Colorado Plains, William Bent, his brother Charles, and partner Ceran St. Vrain controlled a vast trading empire. But when Charles Bent was killed in a revolt in Taos in what is now New Mexico, William Bent decided that his brother’s death had to be avenged.

Praise for War at Bent’s Fort

(Right) When two soldiers from Kearny’s Army at Bent’s Fort are captured by Comanches, Linus Hudson, two of his Cheyenne friends, and a handful of soldiers set out to get them back.



For an excerpt of another of John’s books, click on the cover.


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